Zachary Thornton, Streetlight 4, oil on canvas, 51 x 102 cm


I continue to find visual inspiration in the night: the eerie lighting, the silent trees and glowing houses, the looming darkness and quietly ominous solitude. The figures who appear in this ambiguous atmosphere embody a separate and private realm of internal conflict, a world within a world; revealing just enough of themselves to arouse curiosity, leaving the viewer to pursue their identity, situation, and purpose.

My technique is influenced by traditional painting, as well as by photography and film, the latter especially in its composition and drama.


video 2021


Los Angeles Art Show, Los Angeles, CA

First Gallery, Women’s Life, Rome, Italy

YARGER | STRAUSS Downtown Annex, Corpus Maximus, Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles Art Show, Los Angeles, CA

Bridge Art Fair, Miami, FL
Robert Lange Gallery, Charleston, SC

The Creative Alliance, Baltimore, MD
Towson Arts Collective, Suburbia Redefined, Towson, MD

Maryland Art Place, Critics Residency Juried Exhibition, Baltimore, MD
Gallery Francois, Annual Group Exhibition, Greenspring, MD

Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, Art Noir, Annapolis, MD
Post Logic, New York, NY
Maryland Art Place, Invitational Benefit Auction, Baltimore, MD
Current Gallery, Black and White Meet Color, Baltimore, MD
One World, Baltimore, MD

Frameworks, Santa Barbara, CA
Artscape, Baltimore, MD

Waldorf School, Baltimore, Maryland
MFA Circle Gallery, Jurors Choice, Annapolis, MD
Angelfall Studios, Narrative Paintings, Baltimore, MD

Sassafras Gallery, Baltimore, MD