Iva Vacheva, Ein blöder Teufel lässt sich ewig ficken, acrylic on canvas, 175 x 280 cm


The project „I double the ante, honey!“,including tree painting and one sculpture,arouse associations to gambling, similar to which Iva Vacheva finds her personal existence being precarious and risky. From this point of view the projected works depict autobiographical approaches, focused on a common denominator.
The object”Walking figure” is a moulding of her own body,but with mounted bierbottles instate of legs and arms.Its a creepy,grotesque selfpotrait, expession of her selfironic attitude.
Highly visible in Vacheva`s artworks is the issueing of excess and frenzy. To „double“ is meant here as the exponential increase of excess. Clear references in her paintigs to the baroque like golden colours and wigs enhance the features of the hysterical euphoric figures, apparently feasting a triumph of materialism. But at least the background of this scenery leads its protagonists ad absurdum, namely by the ruin of the material features of their greed.


solo shows

Krammig & Pepper Contemporary – Berlin

group shows

Berliner Liste, Fair for Contemporary Art – Berlin with Thomas Punzmann Gallery
Fairytale of Berlin, Scion Space – Los Angeles with Janine Bean Gallery
Showroom Freiburg with Janine Baen Gallery

Fairytale of Berlin, Kuturhus Vesterbro-Kopenhagen with Janine Bean Gallery
5 Kunstsalon -Galerie Iris Schuhmacher – Berlin

Town Gallery – Sofia

Ausser Haus -Berlin
Preview Berlin with Kunstagenten Contemporary Art Gallery – Berlin

Art Frankfurt

Kunstbombe -Herne

Reflections/ Art Today – Plovdiv
Student Trienale – Istanbul